FAQ's: Finding a Veterinary Oncologist

How do I find a Veternary Oncologist or other cancer specialist?

Because cancer is such a complex disease and new options for cancer treatments are always being investigated by researchers, Georgia's Legacy strongly recommends working with a veterinary cancer specialist if possible, especially in the early stages of treatment to help identify the right approach for your dog's cancer.  Often a Veterinary Oncologist can work with your primary care physician or an Internal Medicine specialist via phone or email to consult with them on treatment plans.  To locate a veterinary specialist in your area, visit the
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine website and click on Search for a Specialist.

This website is not intended to replace the advice of a veterinary professional, and is for informational purposes only.   Please seek the advice of your veterinarian or a veterinary specialist before giving your dog any supplements or pursuing any alternative cancer therapies. 

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