Nikko's Story of Courage


Type of Cancer: Adenocarcinoma and Melanoma

My son Nikko was born on November 1, 1994. From the moment I saw his gorgeous face, I was totally in love. His intelligence was so evident from early on. He would copy whatever I did. From changing the outgoing message on the answering machine to brushing his own teeth. Every one that ever came in contact with Nikko their heart was melted by him. He just had that way about him. He was so vain. He would wipe his feet until every speck of dirt was off of his paws. He would get a tissue for me to wipe his nose or eyes. Or get a towel if he felt damp. He gave the most amazing kisses and cuddles. Nikko never left my side. He was the biggest momma's boy you would ever meet.

In late 2001 my life changed, I found a mass on Nikko's right side close to his belly. A needle aspiration was done and the diagnosis was Adenocarcinoma. Surgery immediate followed to remove the tumor. He was extremely sick from the surgery and aftercare but my baby boy was so strong, such a fighter. Then in 2004 after doing my daily skin check I noticed a small mass on his left side in the same general area as the first mass. I watched it over the next week to see if any changes were happening. When it changed dramatically, I took my baby boy to the vet and a needle aspiration was done and the diagnosis was Melanoma. How could this be? How could my sweet boy get two different kinds of cancer? He went in for surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately the lab that the tumor was sent to lost the tumor, so the oncologist did not know how to treat Nikko. So everyone prayed really hard that the tumor removal fixed everything. Nikko did great and was in remission. Then in 2006 I found a tiny discoloration on his back near his neck, it was determined that it was another Melanoma again. Because I caught it so early and it was so small and was not below the skin surface, surgery was not needed. The vet removed it from the skin was a local anesthetic injection to the area and removed it. Nikko didn't even flinch. He did so great after and my baby boy was back to his loving self.

On April 2nd, 2007 I came home for lunch as I always did and my baby didn't meet me at the door for the first time in his life. I went to him as he laid on his blankie in the livingroom. He didn't even hear me saying his name. Some time between 8am and 12:30 he lost his hearing completely. He just looked at me with this stare like momma what is wrong with me. I helped him up and helped him outside to go to the bathroom. He was so unstable on his feet. He laid down in the mud and was so lethargic. I lifted my 83 pound baby boy into the car and rushed to the hospital. The vet's office rushed out with a stretcher and took him inside. It was determined the his cancer came back and metastasized. I looked into my son's eyes and he told me that he was ready to go be with his daddy. I made a promise to Nikko that I was never going to let him suffer. At 3:44 pm Nikko went to the Rainbow Bridge where his daddy was waiting for him and he met up with all his friends from the Pet Cancer Support Group.

Nikko was not a dog. He was my son, he was my heart. He will forever be loved and missed so deeply. Until we meet again baby.........

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